Global Postural Re-education 

Global Postural Reeducation is a physiotherapy method characterized by an innovative form of assessment, diagnosis and treatment of pathologies of the musculoskeletal system, conceived in 1980 by prof. Philippe Emmanuel Souchard.

It is based on the principles of

Our posture is the result of the personal history of each of us, of the interaction of different factors such as growth, the activities carried out, the previous and / or current pathologies and the psychosomatic component. A global treatment aims to modify the altered organization that is created in the neuro-musculoskeletal system, to obtain the results that must be maintained over time.

Andreea Caciula

Simona Cresti

Eleonora Melloni

Agostino Musio

Anna Scialanca

Maria Giulia Tarozzi

Alessia Venturoli

When is it indicated?

Global Postural Reeducation is indicated in problems that arise from an excess of compression such as herniated discs, in structural problems of deviations of the spine such as scoliosis, hyperlordosis, hyperkyphosis, in pathologies of the limbs, for example, loose knees or valgus, flat or hollow feet, also as resolution of post traumatic symptoms such as whiplash, improvement of pre and post operative conditions. It is also indicated in the treatment of neurological pathologies that generate spasticity.

How does the session take place?

On the basis of the functional evaluation, the biomechanical analysis and the manifestation of the symptomatology, the physiotherapist has the possibility to choose between different treatment postures, which are divided into opening or closing of the hip (lying down, sitting, with the trunk flexed forward, in feet against the wall, standing in the center). The postures are active, progressively lengthening the shortened muscles and are carried out with the continuous assistance of the Physiotherapist.

How many sessions?

The number of sessions varies in relation to the pathology and the patient's response to the treatment which is mono or biweekly (depending on the symptomatology) and has a duration of one hour.

What are the goals?

The objectives of the treatment are: 

  • to restore muscle flexibility
  • to modify myofascial retractions
  • to free the blocked joints
  • to eliminate pain
  • to restore function