Physiotherapy Postural-pilates

Curriculum vitae


Alessia Venturoli

He carried out his studies at the School of Physiotherapy of the University of Bologna, with an internship and a final thesis on the prevention of postmenopausal and senile osteoporosis fractures at the Rizzoli Orthopedic Institutes. He has worked in rehabilitation facilities both in Italy and abroad (Germany, Switzerland, Norway). She specialized in the orthopedic field in Global Postural Rehabilitation Souchard method, in myo-fascial Trigger-Point massage and in the neuro-muscular facilitation technique Kabat method which she uses with passion with patients suffering from postural pathologies of the spine and degenerative pathologies (osteoporosis, arthrosis). He has worked for years with the child / teenager suffering from dysmorphism of the musculoskeletal system (scoliosis, curved back, flat foot). Manages groups of rehabilitation gymnastics for back pathologies, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. He also practices at home with chronic, post-surgical and post-traumatic patients.


Myofascial trigger point massage

The myo-fascial Trigger Point massage uses stiff and painful myo-fascial fiber relaxation and stretching techniques to restore their functionality and good local blood circulation.

Neuro-muscular facilitation Kabat method

The Kabat neuro-muscular facilitation technique is based on the neuro-muscular stimulation through selective muscle elongations of each single muscle, which in non-physiological conditions is in a state of shortening and contracture, the cause of a large number of musculoskeletal pathologies. It uses complex and integrated movement patterns to restore the functionality of the osteo-neuro-muscular complex.

Group postural-pilates  

Postural-pilates group gymnastics takes place in small groups of maximum 4 participants thus allowing the physiotherapist to follow up on individual problems.

The goals are:
  • lengthen and relax the retracted muscle chains provide a trophic
  • stimulus useful to the osteo-neuro-muscular tissue
  • improve the static and dynamic balance thus reducing the risk of falling
The exercises draw on the Souchard method of global postural rehabilitation, the Pilates method and balance stimulation techniques.