Curriculum vitae


Agostino Musio

Since 2011 I have undertaken the study of Global Postural Reeducation specializing in particular on the treatment of scoliosis and cervical spine pathologies which are very frequent and often underestimated. The goal of each treatment is to reduce pain to obtain an improvement in daily life activities in the shortest possible time. It is necessary to globally restore the static and dynamic balance of the body which, unfortunately, is sometimes compromised by the intervention of defense automatisms (for example from external aggressions) or by the maintenance of incorrect postures dictated, also, by professional needs.



Scoliosis, already known since the times of Hippocrates. The main element in a case of scoliosis is the rotation of the vertebrae.

Haw is the spinal column made?

The vertebrae, placed one above the other, are interspersed with the intervertebral disc that acts as a natural shock absorber.

Lumbar disc herniation

Disc herniation, a very frequent problem, is the result of a portion of the intervertebral disc coming out of its natural site.