Athletic training

Curriculum vitae


Stefano Vanini

"you are how you move, you can move as you wish"

A life dedicated to movement in all its forms and to the balance between mind and body pushed me to put my energy and passion at the disposal of people. The continuous training and curiosity towards anything that can support my and my professional growth is driven by the desire to be an effective travel companion for my clients towards their goals.


Functional recovery

It is a fundamental activity to regain full control of your body and essential to restart a sporting activity after traumatic events, surgery or functional overloads. It is also recommended as a training to prevent and maintain optimal fitness.

Personalized training

The execution technique of any free body exercise and with tools is the fundamental element to obtain the best results and preserve your body so that these results last as long as possible so starting from these concepts, based on your potential , I will accompany you with special, fun and flexible programs towards your best result.

Functional training mini group

Functional exercises train the muscles to help you perform daily activities safely and efficiently and are a great way to maintain or improve your quality of life.

Micheal Boyle defines functional training as follows: A complex of exercises capable of involving balance and proprioception; exercises that can be performed with your feet on the ground, without the assistance of machinery, or in any case in conditions such that the force can be applied and expressed in unstable conditions and the weight of the body must be directed and controlled in all planes of movement.