Athletic training

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Silvia Serra

"Sport is a matter of training and discipline, but it is also an excellent school of life that teaches you respect for the rules." 

Former long jump champion, Silvia Serra is today one of the most well-known Personal Trainer and not only in Bologna. I have been dealing with fitness for 29 years and I have learned that we can all achieve the results we want if we are motivated. In most cases it all starts with a motivational factor: a new emotional relationship, an upcoming wedding, an important birthday or the desire to participate in a marathon, to spend a cycling holiday, to look good on the beach or to resume forces after an injury. In all these cases we can work together with determination to achieve our goal.


Keep fit everywhere!

Going for exhibitions ...

... or coming to the gym.

New York marathon

For ten years I have trained and accompanied many Bolognese to the New York Marathon. Here on the Verrazzano bridge at the start of the Marathon.