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Curriculum vitae


Gisberto Evangelisti

Medical Director at the Department of Oncological and Degenerative Spine Surgery, CVOD, of the Rizzoli Orthopedic Institute in Bologna. After my graduation from the University of Pisa, from the beginning of my specialization path I became interested in the spine. I participated in training courses, conferences and fellowships in New York, Boston, Beijing, Nice and Muscat. Over the years I have tried to improve and deepen my knowledge in this area and the research has finally made me land here in Bologna in 2017, where the Rizzoli Institute represents the cradle of Italian orthopedics and where, since 2009, there is a specific vertebral surgery department with an oncological and degenerative approach. A real excellence at an international level, from a surgical and scientific point of view. Here, immediately, I felt at home, working with a fantastic and well-prepared team.

The exceptionality of this team lies in the fact that at a very high surgical level there is a scientific activity among the most flourishing in our field. In fact, the team of surgeons is supported by a team dedicated exclusively to research.

In my daily practice I deal with all the pathologies affecting the spine. The most frequent are stenosis of the vertebral canal, both cervical and lumbar, fractures from osteoporosis, spondylodiscitis and post-surgical infections, primary and secondary tumors of the spine and discopathies.
They are also able to provide Legal Medical Consultations aimed at quantifying temporary and / or permanent damage as a result of accidents or road accidents.


Surgical treatment of primary tumors and bone metastases

Minimally invasive surgery
of the spine

Surgical treatment
of osteoporosis fractures