Curriculum vitae


Marzio Achille

  • Expert in the evaluation, management and conservative treatment of scoliosis in developmental age and in adulthood.

  • Evaluation and indications for rehabilitation treatment in the patient suffering from complex orthopedic pathologies and amputee.

  • Evaluation and indications for conservative treatment of the patient in developmental age: flat and hollow foot, varus and valgus knee. 

  • Evaluation and indications for the neurorehabilitation treatment of the adult patient with neurological pathologies and severe acquired brain injury.



Vertebral manipulations according to Maigne

Manipulation is a forced passive mobilization that tends to bring the elements of a joint or set of joints beyond their usual game, to the limit of their possible anatomical game. (Maigne)

The treatment is performed after a careful medical history and an accurate physical examination according to the Maigne school.

The manipulative act is carried out in 3 stages:
  • Positioning of the patient
  • Tensioning

  • Proper handling

Analgesic mesotherapy

Antalgic Mesotherapy is a localized intradermal injection therapy of small quantities of drugs (Corticosteroids, FANS, anesthetics, muscle relaxants) in the subcutaneous district corresponding to the affected area. This technique is performed through small needles and allows you to locate the drug in the pain site.

Therapeutic and analgesic infiltrative therapy with ultrasound guide for shoulder and hip

Intrarticular infiltration consists of the injection of drugs into the joints for analgesic (corticosteroid and anesthetic) and therapeutic purposes (hyaluronic acid and collagen) following the aseptic rules. It can be performed on multiple districts of knee, shoulder, hands (interphalangeal and trapezius-metacarpal), ankle.