Psychology and Psychotherapy

Curriculum vitae


Alessandra L'Abbate

Cognitive Psychologist and Relational Constructivist Psychotherapist

Ordinary member SITCC, ordinary member MITHS. I have been dealing with adult patients since the beginning of my training and I practice my profession in the cities of Bologna, Milan and Turin. I have specific skills in the treatment of trauma and dissociation refined over the years of collaboration with the EMDR Therapy Center in Milan. Subsequently I became passionate about the study of personality and its ailments. Currently a large part of my clinical and research activity concerns the areas of connection between these two areas.

Intervention techniques and tools


The invitation to the patient, in any type of therapeutic path, is to place himself in a mindfulness structure towards himself: intentionally attentive to his thoughts and emotional states, in the here and now of space and of the therapeutic relationship, in suspension of judgment on himself.



Metacognitive Therapy

TMI is a psychotherapy model developed mainly for the treatment of personality disorders and aimed at improving the reading of emotions, thoughts and behaviors (one's own and others') and the understanding of the interpersonal patterns that guide the action, with the ultimate goal to promote the ability to connect with each other in a more effective and functional way.


Eye Movement Desensitization 

and Reprocessing

EMDR is an evidence-based technique for the treatment of psychological trauma and adverse life experiences (World Health Organization, 2013) and is one of the treatments with the highest number of scientific confirmations compared to its effectiveness in the treatment of trauma.